About Cameron

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Cameron Paul Crockett, now 28 years old, was born in Los Angeles, California on September 15th, 1988 to parents Vernon Thomas Crockett and Paula Gail Crockett, both natives of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Cameron’s father’s work kept the family in Los Angeles and Sacramento until they moved back to Virginia Beach shortly after the birth of Cameron’s brother, Collin, in 1991.
In Virginia Beach, Cameron attended Thoroughgood Elementary, Great Neck Middle and F.W. Cox High School, graduating in June of 2007 with nearly a 4.0 GPA and with special honors in the study of Spanish, scoring a 6 out of 7 in the International Baccalaureate exam after 6 years of instruction. Cameron was granted an academic scholarship to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and enrolled in the fall of 2007. He pursued International Business courses with a high degree of academic success until the accident of December 28th, 2008 changed his life forever.

Cameron maintains that, beyond the principles and morals instilled in him by his parents, his growth into the man we know him as today has its roots in his early teen years, when he first embarked on the path of independent research and enlightenment, guided by the influences of American and Asian wisdom and literature. Drawing upon these diverse influences, he forged a composite core of values that he lives by to this day. Truth, honor, and justice are integral to his character and philosophy. Courage, loyalty, and compassion are branded into his soul. He is the antithesis of the majority of his peers and the moral depravity which seemingly defines our upcoming generations and corrupts our government. A simple heart and a labyrinthine mind find harmony in this man. His imperfections, however, are many and he is the first to acknowledge their detriment. A stubborn individual given to haughtiness, his style is abrasive and he far prefers confrontation to compromise. Known as an “all or nothing” type of guy, he knows only one speed in all pursuits– full throttle. Above all though, his intentions remain consistently noble.

In his free time, one could safely wager that Cameron could be found on the basketball court. He also loves hiking, fishing, and camping, and he studies survival methods like any good wannabe Bear Grylls. His favorite artists include Lowkey, Immortal Technique, Pink Floyd, System of a Down, and The Grateful Dead. He always has a book in his hands and reads works of nonfiction in Spanish to keep his beloved second language sharp.

In the five years Cameron has been incarcerated he believes that he has undergone much positive character development. While nothing can compensate for the fundamental injustice of serving time as an innocent man, Cameron has nonetheless consistently endeavored to use these years as a period of profound learning, self-reflection, and maturation. He refuses to allow even a single day to be unproductive. It is this kind of discipline and resolve that he counts on to continue fighting his case as well as to continue growing as an individual.

Despite being imprisoned, Cameron enjoys huge amounts of support from family and friends and stays in constant contact with them. He remains confident that his innocence will be proven, and that he will go on to battle many other injustices throughout his life.

Throughout this ordeal, Cameron frequently reminds us that there is only one way to prevail in life’s struggles. For this, he borrows a quote from Winston Churchill: “If you’re going through hell…keep going.”