In the case of the Commonwealth of Virginia versus Cameron Crockett, there exists an absolute trove of documents and other media that has accumulated over the past five-plus years. Below, please take the time to browse through some of the most important of these documents. These only scratch the surface of the volume of evidence in this case, so please be aware that this section will be updated as older documents enjoy renewed pertinence or as new events create new evidence in this matter. If there is something here you’d like to see, please contact the webmaster and we’ll do our best to digitize and produce the document(s) being sought.

EMT report

Jacob Palmer’s Phone Records

December 17th, 2012 Motion for a New Trial

Doctor David Pape’s Seatbelt Analysis

Shawn Hoover’s Signed 3rd Party Confession

Cameron’s Motions

Demand for Consideration

Supreme Court Pro Se Ruling

Post Conviction Order (seatbelt)

Korte Lawsuit

Jury Misconduct

Judge Recusals 2009

Cameron Full Transcript 12/17

Supreme Court Pro Se Ruling

Va. Supreme Court Pro Se Motion

Post Conviction Order

Commonwealth response

Movant’s Response to Commonwealth Response

Motion to Preserve