The Moment of Truth is Imminent

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 @ 8:00PM

Back in late February of this year, Cameron Crockett filed his federal habeas corpus petition in the Norfolk federal district court, whereupon it was subsequently assigned to the Richmond federal court. (view petition here) Obama appointee M. Hannah Lauck was assigned as the judge in the case, and magistrate judge Roderick Young was assigned to handle all non-dispositive matters. Since then, two major filings have been made in the case.

On May 10th, the Office of the Attorney General, represented by Mr. Christopher Paul Schandevel, answered Crockett’s habeas petition with a fifty-page brief and motion to dismiss. (view AG’s response.) Firing right back, Crockett filed his reply to the AG’s motion to dismiss on June 1st. (Crockett Response PT.1Crockett Response PT.2) Now, it is on the judge to decide what happens from here. Several outcomes are possible, but whatever happens, it is now only a matter of time before the judge starts laying down some serious opinions in Mr. Crockett’s long-awaited federal habeas case.

Four general scenarios are in play here. First, the judge may find some issue or another especially intriguing and order the parties to further brief it before any decisions are rendered. This is unlikely and unusual in pro se cases. Second, the judge may decide that further development of the pertinent facts is necessary. This could take the form of discovery, or a live evidentiary hearing, or both. This is more likely to occur, and under the circumstances here, it would not be surprising at all if the judge were to take this path. Third, the judge could award Crockett habeas relief on the record as it stands now. This, too, is quite possible, especially as it regards Crockett’s claim that his Miranda rights were violated and his ineffective assistance of counsel claim concerning Andrew Sacks’ failure to investigate and present the highly exculpatory seat belt evidence to the jury. Lastly, the judge could always just deny the petition outright without any further briefing or factual development. We think this possibility to be very remote given the merits of the case, but there’s always the chance that the good old rubber stamp might get whipped out here, too.

It would be reasonable to expect that the court will take anywhere from 60-120 days to render a decision of some kind. Decisions on preliminary matters may be rendered before then.

As we normally do, we solicited Cameron’s comments on these recent developments. He was upbeat, and said he thinks that the habeas petition will ultimately be granted, however the district court arrives at the decision. His message was resoundingly clear:

“Victory is inevitable. And while I say that with great confidence, I don’t say it with a confidence born of blind faith. Rather, mine is a confidence squarely rooted in the facts and the law in this case. They speak for themselves, and they are amplified by the voice I have given them in my filings. Only one just result can be had here, and we will have it. Losing is neither an option nor a reasonably conceivable outcome. History will remember these as the last days of my illegal incarceration, and anyone opposed to this will be run aground with the sinking ship that is my wrongful conviction.

We have waited such a long time for this day to arrive. Now, the case is in the capable hands of the Richmond federal court. Jacob Palmer, Andrew Sacks, the Virginia Beach Police Department, and the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office should all be very worried. I made a promise I wasn’t going away and that this would be made right. Prepare to receive the dividends of that promise. No surrender!”

Needless to say, someone is sensing the gravity of this, likely final, battle. Show your support in these waning moments of our struggle and share our site with your friends on Facebook so we can get the word out before this is all over! (Link to Facebook Page: Justice for Cameron Crockett) Remember, if Cameron doesn’t win in federal district court, chances are he won’t win before his prison sentence expires next year. Let’s make sure all our efforts haven’t been for naught!


Thank you all for your support. Stay tuned for what happens next!

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